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During his long musical career, Tom Stevens has recorded over a dozen albums, both solo and with Magi, The Long Ryders, Danny & Dusty, Chris Cacavas and Junk Yard Love and Jack Waterson. As a solo artist his blistering guitar playing and depth of songwriting speak volumes, both on stage and on Stevens' solo albums: Points of View, Another Room, Points Revisited, Home, and his latest release, Sooner.

While still a teenager in Indiana, infatuated with 60s garage and hard-edged rock and roll, he joined regional heroes Magi, a dual-guitar, kick-ass rock and roll band. When Magi packed their gear and moved west to Los Angeles, they found their angle had gone out of style, replaced by the vibrant punk energy of Black Flag and X. As other band members moved home, Stevens stayed in Hollywood, absorbing the raw sounds and urban sensibilities of the L.A. musical landscape. It was during this period, in between working his shifts at the legendary Tower Records on the Sunset Strip, that Tom first began seriously writing songs.

Taking a cue from the thriving DIY punk scene around him, with the help of some friends, he took those songs and produced a six-song EP on Pulse Records, 1981's Points of View, which eventually sold out its’ original pressing and started him on a solo career. This was quickly side-tracked as a fateful series of events one day led him to join the soon to be legendary roots-rock godfathers, The Long Ryders, in late 1983.

During his 3-1/2 years as a Long Ryder, Stevens saw the release of three albums (all featuring Stevens-penned songs)-Native Sons, State of Our Union and Two Fisted Tales as well as lengthy worldwide tours, many international magazine covers, a UK top 40 hit ("Looking For Lewis & Clark"), long runs on European and U.S music charts, and several live TV appearances.

Stevens was also a member of the legendary Danny & Dusty, whose album The Lost Weekend made the year-end top ten best albums list in the New York Times. Additionally, he played with Gene Clark of The Byrds-as a stand-up bass player with Clark on a few of his last live L.A. performances.

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